Veterans Placement & Staffing

Veteran's Placement & Staffing is committed to become a part of “Vow to Hire Heroes” a partnership where we are making an all-out effort to support our returning Veterans.

Vow to Hire Heroes

We hear it in the news every day.  More and more people we know are being affected.  Unemployment is a problem that cannot be solved overnight, but we have to start somewhere. When VPS looked at the higher reported unemployment figures of returning veterans, we felt that those troops and VPS would make a good match.  Military personnel works well in the staffing industry and in most cases excel.  Our clients like them and we do to.

In 2011, the jobless rate among post-2001 veterans averaged 12.1 percent. And that figure is arguably much higher, with one war veterans group recently reporting that 17 percent of their members were unemployed — a full 8 percent higher than the national average. With more soldiers coming home this year, and the Pentagon preparing to thin out the ranks by 2017, the problem threatens to get even worse.

But it need not be a problem at all, according to reports VPS has compiled. Based on our interviews with business leaders at different companies, our information concludes that hiring veterans is actually one of the best moves an employer can make. Veterans, according to our clients and other business leaders say they offer versatility: They’re accustomed to uniform policies and structure, but can adapt to dynamic workplace situations. Vets tend to boast leadership and teamwork skills that outpace those of their civilian counterparts, and they’re often more loyal as well. “Veterans are committed to the organizations they work for, just like they are to America.

So we at VPS are committed to hiring more veterans and placing them in some present positions and new openings at many of our locations. We think it is a win-win situation for all involved especially when so many veterans are struggling to find work.

We’re asking for your help too in placement of these valuable loyal heroes, at those sites we presently provide service we have received nothing but praise in their appearance, attentiveness, post instilled training, and abilities to better serve the staffing industry.

Work with us in finding these returning warriors a new home.