Veterans Placement & Staffing

Veteran's Placement & Staffing in Memphis, TN has over 70 years of collective experience in the staffing industry. Since inception, our business has always been dedicated to delivering quality staffing services to commercial and government properties.

VPS is, first and foremost, a staffing company with an independent spirit, we are a private company, not a franchise, and we don’t have to answer to shareholders or any other outside force. We only answer to our own integrity; our own sense of the right and wrong; our own reflection of who we are every day in the mirror.  By operating this way, we are free to take better care of our employees, knowing that they will take better care of VPS.

VPS’s established recruiting, screening and deep back-ground selection process provides the customer with highly qualified personnel of proven quality and makes us a leader in the field of staffing.

Our industry-leading retention rate demonstrates our employees ‘loyalty. We foster employee retention by offering personal finance and insurance benefits, quality of life for our employees coupled with ongoing and informative communication.

Why Choose VPS?

VPS provides the highest level of employee preparedness through our programs of instructor-led classroom training and remote study. With state certified training instructors our personnel are fully trained and compliant on all compliance methods and tools prior to their first day of employment.

We promote employee awareness through ongoing communication methods, which reinforce company procedures and address employee concerns.

Our 35 years of experience delivering complex contractual transitions demonstrates our ability to deliver a rapid deployment with no lapse in demands.

Our proactive approach augmented by certified systems and procedures for recruiting, scheduling, staffing, and administering complex staffing programs establishes a solid foundation for efficient service delivery, ensuring that we furnish qualified and trained personnel at all times.

Our management style is proactive and personal and at any given time, there are qualified people available to handle any challenge.

To ensure the best service VPS can provide to our customers, we always exceed their expectations and we require ongoing collaboration between our corporate teams. This guarantees that our local management team and ultimately our clients, always receives every resource required to run a successful operation.

At VPS, our quality is uncompromising. We continually monitor and measure our performance to deliver exceptional service on a daily basis.

VPS’s management style is proactive and personal and at any given time, there are several qualified people available to handle any challenge.

Stable, trained, dependable employees are what we provide for your worksite.  We pay all wages, expenses, payroll taxes, federal and state unemployment insurance, and other similar expenses for our employees.

Prior to site assignment, VPS ensures that all personnel assigned will possess all personal permits, license, rating, certifications, accreditations, and other credentials as required by the state and federal government.

All of VPS’s employees will demonstrate a professional appearance in accordance with the position and assignment they are scheduled.

VPS’s complete comprehensive training meets or exceeds OSHA’s requirements.

We use a combination of classroom and on-the-job delivery methods, which will only be conducted by a qualified security trainer.

We provide State and Federal, complete pre- and post site training documentation to include a training outline, class register with individual exams specific to the employees job assignment.

Our management team provides ongoing, attentive and responsible local support 24 hours a day.

We are available 24 hours a day for immediate response and staffing.

We take account management seriously as it is virtually important in meeting our service goals for our clients’. Most perspective clients we find are dissatisfied with their current staffing company due to their weak support services.  They leave vacant shifts, provide untrained and overworked employees to the site coupled with payroll and invoice oversights.  In short, poor account support is an indicator of poor service.