Veterans Placement & Staffing

Veterans Placement & Staffing’s process is the most rigorous multi-step application utilized in the staffing industry. Our demanding selection requirements emphasize education, personal integrity, and career professionalism. The result of our screening process exceeds any of our competitors, producing honest, capable employees that fit your business environment. Choose us to find out why so many other companies trust us with their staffing needs.


Our Process

We require applicants to undergo a drug test. We use Phamatech who was selected by the Federal Bureau of prisons to provide on-site drug test kits to over 160 Bureau prisons across the United States wherefas documentation is stored for verification. Their in-depth testing is utilized in over 160 countries around the world. Our drug screening is that of a 10 panel test which even checks for the drug ecstasy, that of which our competition does not perform. After the drug test, they must complete a 30-page application. The next step is a background investigation from one of our on-staff criminal state investigators. This investigation meets federal and law enforcement standards, and it also verifies histories at state and national levels, whereas major and national staffing services only check for local felony records. Our commitment to detail has earned us the highest retention rate in the industry.

Your company deserves excellence, which is why we offer the highest rated and most expensive drug test.

Office Testing
Office workers complete their general clerical test in basic computer skills (Word, Excel), 10 key, spelling, and math. We then test them in their specific areas, such as:

Our Hands-On Test Covers:

Employee Training
To ensure our associates are ready to hit the ground running on the first day of work, we prepare them with (ERT) Employee Readiness Training. ERT trainees work on various areas, including:

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